Thursday, January 12, 2017

Raiding - And that's the last time we do ToV!

Next week it's Nighthold! So this week was the last time we would be stepping into Trial of Valour. A big sigh of relief probably going around when we hear that!

We were suspiciously short of healers on Wednesday so we started off doing heroic EN and the first two bosses of ToV, leaving Helya for Thursday.

Thursday was the opposite - only 1 shadow priest and a bevy of healers! I had to beg Jassa to get on and when he did join the raid we had someone else to soak those tentacles at the back and we got it down a lot cleaner than our previous attempt!

I forgot that 880 loot goes out with Helya and there were a lot of shinies distributed to various raid members. It was nice to have a short raid week and catch up on other things.

Next week, however, it's back in full swing again. I had to tell people that they need to be up to date with their flask contributions and we have a ton of herbs to be made into flasks as well so we're good for a while (thanks Nabe!)

I was wondering whether we would be raiding 3 nights of heroic again since I had quite enjoyed this 2 nights a week of raiding, and perhaps whilst we're just starting we might start with 2 but as we get more bosses down we might need more nights. We'll see. I also want to get the Sunday normal runs started again, so we can get some of our casual players to see content.

And I swear, since patch on Tuesday, I have doubled my number of Curious coins.... Fascinating how much the patch boosted it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weird things about PvP in Legion that I don't get

Today I was in one of the Warden towers, and I used my whistle and I realised I was INSIDE the tower at the top. I am pretty sure that I used to have to be on the balcony at the top to use whistle. When did that change?? Maybe that was with the patch.

And here's another thing. I have a Fearless Gladiator's Badge of Dominance, but the on use ability doesn't work in battlegrounds. WHY? It's a PvP item! I mean I understand the PvE stuff not proccing (equip procs) like the shields from Vial of Nightmare Fog. Then what is the point of the trinket!?

Oh, and those hatchling quests - and this is at least a bonus thing - when you have to do the quest to do 3 PvP world quests with your hatchling out, you actually only have to do 1, and then the quest completes. Weird. I thought that might be fixed with 7.1.5 coming out, but no, it's still doing it.

Another thing, is that Kyxyn and I have been playing with the Fire-Watcher's Oath and the Ivory Talon (those PvP things) and the debuff you get which means you yield no Marks of Prey but for some reason doesn't show the "Sacrificed to Ordos" debuff, but it should. I guess the honourless target (or whatever the debuff is called) means both, even though it just specifies the Marks of Prey. Also, you can't be in a party when you're killing the other player if you're kill trading. BUT, when you reform the party, and the other player releases, you can rez them. But you can't rez them when you're not in a party, and even when you rez them, they're still hostile to you. WEIRD, and sounds like that shouldn't happen... but it does!

And skirmishes... WHY do they have a requeue button as well as a leave arena button! When I'm in a party that inevitably means someone will leave and not get a queue. Yes, yes, I am frequently the culprit of that. We have done that so many times....

Monday, January 9, 2017

Diablo's 20th Anniversary

When people first started getting the achievement, I thought it was something you had to play in Diablo and then log into WoW and receive an item. It was better than that. There was an ingame thing to do.

There were treasure goblins all over the place, and you kill them to get toys, scrolls, a bag and other goodies. Killing them opened a portal to the Cow Level. I have never understood the reference except that it was something to do with Diablo so I had to go look it up.
Way back with Diablo 1, there were rumors that clicking repeatedly on the corpse of a specific cow would open up a secret level. Blizzard denied this (rightfully so), and made a humorous nod to the rumor by including a cheat code in their game Starcraft.
Not helping rumors is the fact that there actually was a Cow Level in Diablo II, and there have also been numerous other cow jokes and "there is no cow level" jokes hidden in Blizzard's other games. For example, it was the cheat code in StarCraft used to skip the current level. The line lives on in the hearts of long-time Blizzard fans and as an occasional loading screen tip in World of Warcraft.
- WoWWiki 

Wirt's third leg, which drops in Tanaris, is a reference to this Cow level. In D2, there is a character,Wirt (who lost his leg to Diablo) whose peg leg you can use to open the Cow level. Cow King's Hide, which is a world drop blue BOE, is a reference to the Cow King. 

Treasure Goblins reliably spawnyh in Dalaran sewers. They would also be at the end of each dungeon. They were also found all over the world too, but randomly. However, once they start doing their portal you need to kill them quick! I had a dreadful time trying to kill goblins because people had already done their achievement and couldn't be bothered doing anymore so not enough DPS on goblins and they'd run away.

Portals would spawn taking you to the Cow level where you would kill  the Cow King. Really hard to get a picture of him, this was the best one I got. He drops a Twelve String Guitar and once you add that item to your Toy collection you get the achievement!

There was also a whole bunch of items that fill up your bag which gave you extra stam, speed or armour (I never saw an int one) which still give you that slight buff. I might throw them out now - they are only piddly buffs, after all. I even got the 28 slot bag.

But what I wanted was the Town Portal toy, which needed 10 Scrolls of Town Portal. But I left it till the last day and then spent a couple of hours trying to kill goblins, doing heroic dungeons and hanging out in Dalaran Sewers. A fair number got away. Tacky came to help me and I finally managed to get my last scroll which was a relief!

Happy 20th Anniversary Diablo! And there WAS a cow level...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Raiding - Hell yeah!

Stepping back into ToV this week, and I did feel very rusty. In fact, I wasn't the only one. Kyxyn was a bit distracted on Wednesday but by Thursday he was back to his old self with raid leading.

We had quite a good turnout on Wednesday and Thursday. Helya was rough at first as we had to remember what we had to do in the fight and then we were a little bit higglety pigglety over phase 3. We made a couple of changes - one of which was to make Helya vomit straight down the middle instead of off to one side - but the rest of the strat needed tidying.  We started making good progress on the final fights of the night getting her to less than 20% - a good omen for Thursday!

So Thursday came around but Koda couldn't raid so I had to drag poor Amelior to come and heal. Phase 1 and 2 were nice and clean but phase 3 was just... poop everywhere. We were down to only half the raid in the final 3% and Jassa was being encouraging by yelling "You got this guys!" but I was thinking "Don't jinx us, Jassa!"

But he was right, and we got it.

Gosh that felt good! Some nice loots went out and I was wishing I had Ward's belt and he was wishing he got my Leg armour! But unfortunately we couldn't trade them because they were both items that were higher item level than what we already had on.

Off to Heroic Emerald Nightmare after that and we managed to knock all that over by 11pm. I even got to 2 heal a few fights which were rather rough! Nerd scored a legendary and then logged off LOL - either he was lucky he stayed that long, or he figured he'd gotten what he needed then left :P

It was a good night overall, and it was highly satisfying to be 3/3H! Yay Frostwolves!