Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guildleader chores - Is it time for a break from raiding?

Aza told me he wanted a break from raiding, and I know that a few people would like a break.  Sev is already on a break, and HK told me he was hoping for a break, Last night when I asked people what they wanted to do 5 people said they were happy to extend, but Morz said if we don't get it this week then call it quits after that and have a break.

We had a good attempt last Thursday, with a 4% wipe on the last Paragon.  If we can get there again we can do it I think.  It would probably be really good for raiding morale too, I think.

I don't want to force anyone to raid, but I don't want to stop raiding.  I am happy to just have a break if that's what they want, and let those guildies who still want to raid go PuG our raiding elsewhere.  There must be some teams trying to make mythic groups come 6.0 who would need some decent players.

Aza was getting his Garrosh kill done, and Luxy also said she would get hers done elsewhere as well, since we weren't going to do it.  I thought about whether I would want to do that.  I think I also felt a little bummed because at the end of this expansion we had not downed the end boss, unlike WotLK and Cataclysm.  Is the content harder? Are we not as good players this time around? I actually feel like the fights are harder this time around compared to previous expansions or is that just a decline in my skill?

I think perhaps what is bothering me is that this is the first end of expansion where I am the GM.  Under my leadership the guild was unable to down the last boss of an expansion - is this the legacy I will be leaving behind?

Also, I don't want to raid without my guildies.  I want to be with them when we kill something - and is going with other friends in other guilds going to look like an abandonment of my own guild?  I think that inside it wouldn't feel right. It wouldn't be so bad on a flex or something but I think that it looks like I don't have faith in my own guild (even though we aren't killing it anyway since we're on a break.. but it's the principle!).  I personally don't have any issues with my guildies going out to get their kills, but as GM I don't think I should be.  I guess it wouldn't be so bad if we raided together with another guild, but I can imagine those with friends outside the guild would not want to do that - why would they want to raid with a bunch of strangers if you could go with your friends?  I think that a kill would feel rather hollow to me without the presence of my officers, friends and guild raiders.  The shared excitement of a kill that we worked towards is its own reward.

Years ago, many people wrote about how great if felt to kill Deathwing, at the end of Cataclysm.  I yearn for that feeling with killing heroic Garrosh.  And you know what's really embarrassing?  I feel like I'm having a first world whinge.  I shouldn't be complaining, really.  There are many people out there who haven't killed heroic Garrosh.  I don't know if the number of people killing an end boss at the end of this expansion is higher or lower than previously, and maybe that would give me a reference.  But really, that doesn't matter. I just wanted to do it.

So, Brahski is going to sub in for Aza next week,  Drauka is back so if everyone else turns up, we will have the full complement again.  So, one week to get Paragons down.  Or there will be some big decisions to be made.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Waiting for 6.0 - Fun on the Isle of Giants

Crooked said to me, how about I pass some time on the Isle of Giants?  I might as well chase an achievement there.  So off I went to farm bones with Crooked.

It wasn't too bad.  We picked up bones, laughed at a few people, and I even ran across someone from Dath'remar that I knew who had transferred over to Saurfang.  It's a small world.

We got lots of pets, and I even saw the Stunted Direhorns on the Isle - pity they can't be captured! We saw them kept in square pens or hiding under tables.

And then we saw a rare on the ship - War-God Dokah.  What ship?  You know, THAT ship, with the big dino on it.

But how do we get there?  We tried sneaking up to the ship and then big scary dino chasing us in the water.  Then we tried the Timeless Isle trick where you go till you get fatigue, then fly in.  Crooked died of fatigue whilst trying to get back, and I was excited because I managed to fly over and then get dismounted near the ship... except I hit the ship and died LMAO!

So Crooked and I thought oh, what the hell, let's just try and kill the dino.  So we engaged it, nearly killed ourselves, but at least the dino was dead!  And it was great for me that we did because I managed to get that last journal that I had been missing for AGES!!

Then we had to kill all those trolls on the ship to get the War God.  They weren't too bad.  Here is Dokah, a fine looking Zandalari troll specimen.

42 million health.  Wow.  OK, this could be painful.  So I beared up and Crooked hit lust and off we went.  Essentially Dokah was like a Warbringer with all their abilities, so not a problem if you can solo a Zandalari warbringer.  We nearly did it - Crooked and I nearly got it down but I died, and then Crooked managed to live a little bit longer, and I thought he was going to get it... but then in swooped an avenging orc shaman who was flagged and started blasting Dokah! It was Luxy, here to save the day!  But then oh no, Crooked died and Dokah converted to Luxy's tag and she picked up the loots, but Crooked and I were happy that we managed to see it.  Luxy felt bad for taking our loots but I was happy to just get a screenshot :D

So that was fun.  Crooked got all his Zandalari lower-limb-attacking battle pets so he's happy.  Now I've got something else to do in the week or two before 6.0!

Oh, and WHY do all these Zandalari trolls like Red Blossom Leeks and Juicycrunch Carrots so much?  I guess that's one of those Zandalari secrets...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Achievements - A nice round number!

There are so many achievements under Lich King Raid - that 10 and 25 man achievement thing was just made so many achievements!  One of the ones I had great difficulty doing was Nerf Scrapbots (10man).  Trying to keep them away from the boss is so hard, and especially at our gear level when we keep killing them just by breathing on them!

Unfortunately, we had to get Tacky on his mage to get the achievement, so I will have to come back and help him get it on Tacky.  But after wiping for ages last night trying to get it, we got it with a combination of Tacky, Hk and Luxy's mage, Lacrox, myself, Crooked and Faithless.  We ended up putting XT on one side of the room and hoping for good RNG and piles of bots coming out of the furthest piles.  Putting it in the middle was bad and we couldn't keep the little robots away before they got destroyed from CC damage or dying from pets or being consumed by XT.

Did some for Faith but was really trying to get some for Lac since he came along - he doesn't often hang out with me so I wanted to have something to show for it.  Got him the Iron Dwarf , Medium rare.  And you know, it's different - Razorscale doesn't kill us with enrage anymore!

OMG, I was at 19990.  I needed one more achievement.  You know, I actually wanted to do Ulduar just to get 25 man Who needs Bloodlust, but after that huge effort on XT, I couldn't face doing anymore.

So what to do now?  I thought I'd chill out on the isle.  Crooked decided to keep me company and rep farm with me.  I was going to camp rares, but when there's company, Shaohao rep farming isn't so horrible.  Luxy came to help us but poor Luxy got separated from us when we got distracted by rares and the like that she died a lot. Poor Tacky felt bad, he was our dedicated healer.  But it was a bit after 1am when I finally hit exalted.

Woo! I hit the magic number!

So that was exciting!  Luxy told me to enjoy it while I could - because once 6.0 or WoD hits, a whole bunch of achievements will be converted into Feats of Strength and my achievement points will go down.  I still have a few achievements I need to work on... but maybe I'll just sit and look at the pretty number for a while.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreams of a new computer dashed!

So after my computer was playing up due to overheating I was seriously contemplating a new computer.  I had opened it recently and cleaned out the big fans, but the CPU had been taken out of its slot to be checked so maybe it just needed more heat sink grease stuff (thermal interface material or whatever you call it) to make sure it had good contact with the heat sink.  So I begged HK to get me some from his work - handy to have people in IT people around.

Anyway my GPU was still running hot so I didn't know what to do about that and so I thought maybe it was time for a new one.  And hell, if I'm going to buy a new GPU I might as well go the whole hog right?

I have always been envious of Sev having a 5k gaming rig.  I have never spent that much on a computer, so I thought ok that's it, I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my computer too just so I can just say that I did and everyone would just think I was crazy. But hey, I'm the one enjoying it so I might as well, right?  And it's tax deductible... yes I know I'm not in IT but I do use my computer to do things for work, so it's tax deductible.  Geez, I have colleagues who have apparently claimed their $10k watches as tax deductions because we need them to check a patient's pulse... now that's dodgy.

Anyway, so then I decided what is the best of what's best out there right now...

Nvidia Ge-Force GTX980

Now this was released recently.  Look at this thing, it's gorgeous.  Oh I suppose I could get two GTX970s SLI which might save me a bit of money but it will make my case crowded.  And it's pricey.  I like the Gigabyte one, a shame it hasn't got a heat sink on the bottom. Not as cheap as the EVGA card, but I've always liked Gigabyte.  And it says this card may be a little quieter than other cards... not sure how three fans is quiet...

However, I don't really play any of those heavy 3D games like Tomb Raider or Thief on ultra settings so perhaps this card is a little wasted on me. I just play WoW and I do video editing and run 2 24" monitors so that's about all I do.  Though I am tempted to get one of those 4k monitors...

Besides, I am running a GTX590 and that's way out of date, so I think it's time for an upgrade :)

Intel i7-5960x vs i7-5930k

This recent CPU has got eight cores to process info with - that's a hell of a lot of multitasking (is there even a word for octacore, gosh who remembers when dual core was exciting)!  As a woman I totally approve of this - more things done but it's a bit of overkill.  Most reviews say it's aimed at servers rather than gaming rigs (taken from PC Gamer and Tom's Hardware).  I'm sure that the i7-5930k with its 6 cores (LOL hexacore - these words don't sound as cool as quad core even though it's better) would be just fine for my needs, I mean I have a i7-3930k now and that had been really good. Plus it is $400+ cheaper.

But buying this new chip means I have to get a new motherboard too!  So Now I have to get an X-99 motherboard (and I'll probably go get a Gigabyte one) since I need a 2011-3 socket.  Which also means new memory too!  Blah!

Anyway, after I had all these dreams of a shiny new beast to play with, HK went to look at my GPU to see what was wrong with it.  And... well.  I have to tell you I have never dismantled a GPU to clean it before but this is what he found when he opened it up...

Ok holy crap that is a lot of dust in there.  NO WONDER MY THING WAS OVERHEATING can't get any airflow to the heatsink WHOOPSIES.

How embarrassing.

Anyway, he cleaned it up for me and now "both things are purring along like kittens."  And yes way better, my fans are no longer blowing at full blast trying to work at cooling something and not getting anywhere, so my computer is purring along nicely.  Saved me from a big expenditure... but boy was I looking forward to forking out the dough on a new shiny toy :D

Edit 27 September: OK, I went and bought it anyway.  There is no DDR4 RAM to be found in Sydney at the moment so I now have a GPU (ended up buying the standard Gigabyte GTX980), CPU (5630k) and X-99 Gigabyte motherboard.  Hopefully next weekend will have a new computer up and running - and coincidentally Zeirah got a new comp as well!